Esther spoke so eloquently to her doctor describing what she was feeling. Her doctor listened asking questions that were focused to find the information he required. He asked the nurse to check her vitals and also asked Esther to go to the lab for some more tests


  • She was sweating so much at night
  • Feeling pain when discharging urine
  • Discharging Urine a lot at night
  • Piercing pain at her lower abdomen

After a while her lab results came out negative but the doctor said that her blood pressure was very high she was then given hypertensive medications which she started using immediately. She left the hospital with new hope feeling assured that she will be well soon. Days flowed into weeks and then months, instead of getting better her health deteriorated even further. She went back to the same hospital and found a different doctor who did a fresh diagnosis on her.  This time all her results came out negative and her blood pressure was normal so the doctor asked her to stop using the hypertension medication.

Her symptoms persisted and she decided to visit a different hospital. She tested negative to everything again. During the annual medical camp at The Mazira Foundation, the doctor attending to her took keen interest in her case and later discovered that Esther was okay. Her blood pressure was normal. The problem she was experiencing was due to the family planning method she had chosen. The doctor took her through all the family planning methods and helped her choose one that would work best with her.


Medical errors performed by medics can lead to serious cases of harm to the patients which may lead to death or permanent disability.

A more in depth look should be taken at the problem, we could possibly save lives and avoid disabilities from diagnostic errors and more so reduce the pain and stress patients go through in such cases.

Misdiagnosis is proving so far to be the biggest oversight in the medical industry

Its worthwhile taking a moment to consider why this happens and rectify the problem with immediate effect as people’s lives depend on doctors’ diagnosis and prescriptions

NB/ Always get back to the doctor if you notice any alarming change, if symptoms persist, worsen. EVERY LIFE IS VALUABLE!