In an effort to reduce the overwhelming stress. sally decided to take her own life. It all started in the year 1998 when she was diagnosed with pneumonia. After a week she went back to the hospital because her health was deteriorating. The doctors then decided to perform further tests and that’s when she was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The news left her numb, her face was contorted with rage and disappointment. She felt unsure of her next move and out of place.

Later that evening, she broke the news to her husband who was in serious denial. he hauled insults at her and left only to come back the next day. The next few months a wall of silence was built between them . He didn’t acknowledge her presence or anything she did. He refused to eat her food or share their matrimonial bed. He became a complete stranger in his own home. His behavior threatened to drive her to insanity. Every night she would soak her pillow with hoarse tears and as days went by, a haze of hopelessness clouded her thoughts convincing her to end the pain once and for all

Life had offered her nothing but bitterness, first she lost her baby when he was only two months old, then her second child died when he was seven months old. Her eyes were now open, she understood the monster that had devoured her children had come to finish her. She wasn’t ready for the humiliation and stigma so one day when her husband came back home she told him of her plans to kill herself. ”Go ahead,” his voice was ruthless and wicked. His responsive fiendish grin was a final confirmation to her that hell was calling and she was more than ready to accept the call.

The next morning she wrote a death note and posted it to her sister in Nairobi. She then went to the ferry terminal in Likoni just a few kilometers from her home, boarded a ferry and awaited her inevitable fate. When the ferry started off, she systematically calculated her move and ensured that no one had her interest in particular. She found enough space to push her way to the edge of the ferry and only then did she allow herself to collapse with a splash in the ice-blue ocean. Her breathing pattern changed , her chest rising and falling heavily as she allowed herself to be swallowed by the wild waters. Moments later she felt her entire body buckle down, everything slowed down until she could hear, see or feel zilch.

Sally woke up in the hospital surrounded by medics, police officer and her sister. Her husband was nowhere to be seen even after being told that her wife had attempted suicide. Through out the time she was unconscious, she kept on hearing an inner voice saying, ”go save my people!” She recorded a statement with the police and was later on discharged that evening. The police allowed her to go free under a condition that she shouldn’t go back to her husband because it was crystal clear that he didn’t care about her. She left with her sister to Nairobi certain that she was ready to embrace the next phase of her life, find in san diego network it support nearby.

She wiped the past from her mind and begun new life in Nairobi. She would visit the sick in hospitals encouraging them , especially those infected with HIV/AIDS. One day as she was doing her routine visits in Mbagathi hospital, a group of people working with a non-government organisation heard her story and offered her a job. They trained her as a Councillor and she started counseling professionally. Her husband was now seriously ailing and had no one to take care of him. Going back wasn’t easy but she did. He was part of her, her husband, the father of her late babies, the love of her life.

In the year 2007, the NGO that she was working for was creating awareness for cervical cancer. Every employee was supposed to do a screening before they could take the aforementioned task. When she did her screening, her results came back positive. her doctor advised that because of her HIV status the best treatment would be surgery. this meant that her uterus would be removed. Heaviness circled her heart, like any other woman she longed to have her own children a dream that would never be realized if she did the surgery. It took her two months to accept her fate and her husband encouraged her to go for surgery. While she was still in the hospital recuperating, her husband sent her word through a relative that she shouldn’t go back to her home as he couldn’t live with a barren woman. She defused the heart crushing news and decided to concentrate on her health.

She had just finished her breakfast one chilly morning in the year 2012 when she received a call that her husband had passed on. she attended the burial and talked about their HIV status urging anyone who was involved with her husband to go and get tested. After the burial she went back to her doctor for her normal check up, her doctor announced that the cancerous cells might have spread to her colon and thereby she needed more tests. the tests came back positive. She froze at the news. It was the last thing she ever expected to hear. She wondered why she didn’t die in the ocean. What more nasty surprises was life going to offer her? After two weeks an ounce of strength from somewhere within embraced her and she went for surgery where her entire colon was removed. A hole ( stoma) was left in her tummy where a pouch of collecting feces (colostomy bag) was/is attached.

”Life has robbed me off my children, my uterus , my husband and my colon. But life has also given me a second chance. I am a human being, I’m flawed, I have been fractured inside and outside. I am glad my fractures have repaired, I choose to live positively!”