I am one, one of the many women who’ve lost their husbands. Eleven years ago when I lost my husband I lost myself too.

I was only thirty five years old, and a mother of six. A sudden emptiness crept in me and my life took a complete turnabout.

Nothing was the same anymore, everything changed. Our diet, the school my kids used to go to, the place we lived, what we wore and a massive financial decline as the sole bread winner was no more.

My husband was hardworking, he owned a tractor and pieces of land where he used to farm sugarcane and sell to Mumias Sugar Company. I later took on the business with the aid of my brother in law.

My close relatives and the community at large was very supportive and always there for me in my journey as a widow

I have done my best to educate my kids. It hasn’t been easy but with God’s grace we’ve made it. My first son is pursuing his degree at Moi University and my second daughter is a health assistant at our local dispensary. The rest are still in school.

Over the years I have come to appreciate how blessed I am as a widow. Many do not get the chance to live peacefully as they are abused emotionally, physically and even denied the right to enjoy whatever property their spouses left behind.

I have dedicated myself into helping other widows by teaching the uneducated how to read and write and walking with them in their journey of widowhood.

Ours is a story of loss, loneliness, solitude and grief. Together as a community we can reinstate hope and let the widows live again!