Redes  chadiva is a widowed wife. Her home that once thronged with life and laughter is now full of sorrow and regrets.

In retrospect the dark night of the year 2006 dangles in her head and a straying tear paves its way along her cheeks. It reminded her of her dead husband. How he use to sing and dance to traditional songs after consuming the local brew. The laughter of her kids playing in the compound. Her fertile farm land that would yield massive harvest. She never lacked anything. Her kids went to the best schools around. He was a bright light that lit her life until the dark night.

Her husband woke up at the middle of the night to go and ease himself.  She heard a thudding sound and rushed out their bedroom to go and see what was happening. She found him lying on the cold toilet floor. His face was glowing, his skin warm but his heart was still. She was stripped off her happiness but the worst was yet to come.

Her in laws took away her farm land and she was thrown out of her own home. She had to relocate to the village and started living in a small house with her six kids. She enrolled them into a local public school. One of her kids refused to attend the public school and later on died that year. She later realized that her son might have died from extreme stress.

Two years later she lost another son through the same. Her remaining three sons became rebellious and dropped out of school one after the other. She hardly sees them. They are married to alcohol and their lives are in ruins. Knowing that they would amount to nothing breaks her heart into a thousand pieces. Her only hope is her daughter who is a teacher in Nairobi.

Widowhood is a walk into the unknown. Sometimes we loose ourselves along with the dead, and the worst of it is that sometimes we loose our kids along with the dead. Today I choose to share my story to save a child who’s lost a father.  If you notice any changes in their behavior do not assume its normal kindly seek help and let’s save a child’s future!